ANTI Festival 2011 – Call for proposals before 31/12/10

Ten years of ANTI: it’s time to REMAKE, REBUILD, RENEW!

Celebrate a decade of ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival: 27th of September to 2nd of October 2011, Kuopio, Finland.

This is an open call to artists to propose a site-specific project for the 2011 ANTI Festival. We ask you to respond to the following theme:

With economic, ecological and social change underway across the world, due in part to the financial crisis, we are challenged by the impact this process may have on our daily lives. Of course there has perhaps not been a time when this has not been the case but today that process could be seen to be accelerating. Governments and councils are involved in a dramatic remaking of financial and political structures – something soon to be felt in Kuopio. Around us environments are rapidly changing, be that by the rebuilding of urban environments (Kuopio’s market square is a case in point) or by our use of the world’s natural resources. In response we are asked to change, to re-imagine our everyday lives. Whether our response is positive, negative or neither it is a process that might well define our age.

For ten years ANTI has re-imagined the public and private spaces of Kuopio. Festival projects have reconfigured the everyday places of the city, asking us to rethink them, re-imagine and re-approach our relationship to the world around us. It’s that process that we’ll concentrate on for this 10th edition of the festival. Possible points of departure for your project might be:

How do you rebuild and remake in your creative practice?
What does it mean to re-imagine a previously made project?
What does it mean to revisit and re-imagine a known space?
How is change celebrated?
How is changed resisted?
How does the city effectively renew itself and what role might creative activity play in this?

All projects at ANTI are shown in the public space, and all have an integral relationship to space in which they occur. All forms of work are welcome.

Please carefully read the guidelines to submitting a proposal before completing the online application form. The guidelines can be found at

Proposal form

All proposals must be sent using the electronic form located on the festival’s web site. The form must be completed in English. The form allows a link to be made to any online documentation artists may have of previous work, CV and images.


The proposal deadline is December 31st 2010.

Further information:
+358 50 305 2005

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