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  1. August 2017, Month of Research



August 14 – September 10, 2017, Uferstudios

The Uferstudios with its partners and artists involved are planning to launch a – hopefully regular – “Month of Research” in 10 of our studios and some ateliers. Launched and formulated in its structure by artists over the last couple of months, it should offer the opportunity to follow the joy and challenge of collective enquiry – searching, practicing, eating and thinking together. It will hopefully generate an interesting and inspiring exchange, that keeps through on the hard task of collaborating.

Step 2: INVITATION to participate at the MONTH OF RESEARCH

Herewith we would like to invite you to be part of the “Month of Research”! Please find below 16 proposals that reached us through Step 1 / Call for Proposals. We hope you enjoy reading and we are keen to hear on which proposed subject you want to collaborate.

Everybody who seriously wants to commit to this experiment is invited to send us a letter of interest to join the research. Please state:
– name and contact
– choose one of the research fields and shortly state why you consider the field of research interesting for your own thinking/practice (approx. 300 signs). It is also possible to express your interest for two or three research topics. Please prioritize your choice
– please signal any time restrictions within the month

Deadline: May 30th 2017

Find proposals & details here: -> download / open


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