Performers para The Pleiades, de Elena Bajo, en la Blueproject Foundation

Elena Bajo – Anarchoreography

The Pleiades

Free workshop with the artist and public performance at Blueproject Foundation, Barcelona (MAY 17th, 8 pm)

Anarchoreography – non hierarchical trajectories used as a tool to articulate a sense of subjectivity and collectivity and the creation of a space in constant flux where the boundaries between the audience and performers are blurred (The Pleiades – Seven master moves for a collective dream).

Workshop for six-nine female or female identified dancers, at any level beginner or advanced,  interested in participating in a workshop and a public performance after. Following an “Anarchoreographic Method”, Elena Bajo’s interdisciplinary approach, selected participants will be required to do both improvised and choreographed movements to be determined before hand in close collaboration with the artist. Having a short text as as a point of departure, a series of experiments and studies will be proposed that attempt to explore the intersection of  body movement, chance and muscle memory undertaking anarchism as artistic strategy, by implementing elements of disentanglement and affects, as a point of dissidence and disruption on contemporary political choreographies. 

Please send ASAP a link to a short video of your work (1-3 min), with preference a solo work in progress and your CV to: Participants should be available 4 hours on May 14th, 4 hours on May 16th and 4 hours on performance day May 17th (from 18h30 to 22h30).

The performance The Pleiades will be presented in the framework of Abaton:

Elena Bajo

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