PANcomplex – coming soon…

11./12.05.2011 – Teatre Tantarantana, BCN –
14.05.2011 – L´Estruch, Sabadell –

PANcomplex – after DAEDALUS//DREAMS the second part of’s research about the consequences of mythological heroes and aspects to our present time – focuses on the outsider, entertainer and terrorist PAN, half god and half goat.
Who is that Pan today? And how does he show up in modern society? His behaviour and qualities are causing disruption, dismay and at the same time: fascination. He triggers panic, provokes uncontrolled, instinctive reactions and at the same time entertains us with his charismatic appearance.
A crossover where images and artistic forms explore how present the heredity of cultural history still is in our every day life.


co-production with Dansateliers Rotterdam
2 Dancers 1 Actor
Choreography/Idea: Emanuele Soavi
Dramaturgy/Direction: Stefan Bohne, Achim Conrad, Amy Gale
Creation/Performance: Danilo Colonna, Emanuele Soavi, Achim Conrad
Composition/Music Editing: Stefan Bohne
Costumes: Pino Cervino
Light: Garlef Keßler, Loes Schakenbos

Subsidised by: City of Cologne, Kunststiftung NRW, Embassy Kingdom of the Netherlands, SK Stiftung Kultur.
Premiere April 2011