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FAIR FRIENDS//shakespeare’s sonnets


Inspired by Shakespeare’s sonnets, the project is about rivalry, obsession with beauty, addiction to one’s ego and transience. It explores love in all its variations, observing singles and other lonely people with all their needs and passions who are craving for a vivid, hot, cool and arousing ideal.

3 Dancers
Massimo Gerardi and Emanuele Soavi
Dramaturgy/Production: Achim Conrad
Subsidised by: Kulturamt Köln
Premiere September 2007

SITE SPECIFIC//you are not alone anyway

The images of walls (among them the Berlin wall) within our collective consciousness, walls, which have made history and will make history with its manifold cultural connotations, prompt our thoughts on boundaried conditions of life. From this emerges a performance by two characters to initially explore behaviour within a restrictive situation with its cultural, social, political but also entirely private aspects. Later on, the situation radically changes which draws the two individuals’ attention to possible consequences. With the restriction disolving, both become exposed to a completely unknown world which they had dreamed of or feared but never before realised. What follows is euphoria and disillusionment, panic and relaxation. Above all, there is the big question in a boundaryless culture: Have I made the right choice?


Cologne Dance Award 2009
SITE SPECIFIC – you are not alone anyway
Co-operation with the Festivals ‘sommerblut’ (Köln) and ‘Mittelfest’ (Cividale/Italien)
Choreographiy and Dance: Massimo Gerardi and Emanuele Soavi
Dramaturgy/Production: Achim Conrad
Set/Costumes: Eveline Havertz
Subsidised by: Kulturamt Köln
Premiere May 2009