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Alma Söderberg | 14 y 15 de diciembre en Beursschouwburg (Bruselas)

Nadita is Spanish for small nothing. Body and voice act as instruments that produce a small nothing.

Music and a musical experimental interpretation of voice are essential elements and a main theme throughout the oeuvre of the Swedish performer Alma Söderberg. That is why she is called the human sound and dance machine.

Alma about Nadita: “I want to work with voice, movement and rhythm. I want to use as little theatrical elements as possible. Actually, none. It is a confirmation of the things I constantly focus on: physical sound and movement.”

Söderberg creates performances where sound and movement are equivalent elements; in her practice, she rediscovers still how much those two are intertwined. In Nadita, therefore, her body and voice are the main instruments to have this small nothing develop.

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