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Every month we invite a guest to present their selection of six videos that exist online and that revolve around a subject of their choice, a favourite genre, a personal take on things or an obsession. Go ahead, take a look around our archive.

May 2013
Robinson - Maldonado


“I want to share this with you. I challenge you to find something better”

Anabella Pareja and Juan Francisco Maldonado

In February 2013, Anabella posted Juanfran an apocryphal Bikini Kill video on Facebook, under the name Good Morning, Stalin. Juanfran answered, and the rest is history.

The game rules were clear: it was to be a dialogue-battle. A medium-specific (YouTube) visual conversation that would have been impossible to carry out in words.

This is a regrettably short selection of the (approximately) 30 videos in Good Morning, Stalin, in which, once again, choreography rules.

Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl

What more could we ask of dialectical materialism?

Raquel Welch – Spice Girl Dance

We've always wanted to make a version of this video at the Torres de Satélite, Mexico City.

Beettlejuice – Day-O (Banana Boat Song)

Clearly a case of choreographic possession. The exorcist pales in comparison.

Ben E. King – Don’t play that song

Furtive glances, a broken leg, swinging hips, a love scene.

Elli et Jacno - Oh la la

Clearly, White Stripes are almost as much into them as we are.

Zombies – Groenlandia

The friends you always wished you had, and the dance steps you always whished you knew.


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