L´extimité I About the work

L´extimité is the result of research in the MA of research in practices
performing arts and visual culture directed by José A. Sánchez.

The research derives from a deep necessity as a creator of questioning
myself looking researching my language as a performer-creator, my
interests and my needs. (Me in the world and the world on me)

On one side , my interests as a performer, that is the How,but also my
interests across the subject: What.

Throughout my research and embodied in this piece, I have achieved
what I consider my findings: is the fact that What and How have
intermingled to end up generating language by themselves, despite
their inherent condition does not belong to me.
But it is the audience who owns that relief delivered subtly and almost
unconsciously composed, it is the audidence who constructs and
deconstructs the performance and themselves.
They become an active public, who is moved and moves.

The piece is a living structure, a statement of honesty on stage, that
poses a patchwork trip, that will be joined together differently in each

Construction on the naked right in front of failure.

The piece is constantly moving between the micro-macro zoom in and
zoom-out, a way of basting several variants of approach, to the
collective memory, passed by own memory. Privacy, public, everyday life.

At the same time questioning live the way I represent my own research,
my own body on stage.
Investigating, controlling different stage presences of the dreaded word
representation, or should I say performing, or just being?

An instalation with its own sound space completes L´extimité.

Duration: 45-50 minutes

Ideas come and go, but the important thing
is an election commitment with its clarity
and communication skills. It is not about founding
the right idea but the quality of the decision

Anne Bogart. A director prepairs