The Last Minute Show #32

This is the setlist for today:

* Some tunes I recorded from the radio, June 2016
* Tamara Lowe – One Minute Sermon at YouTube
* Field recording birds of Melbourne, by the Yarra River, July 2016
* Field recording birds of Bali, Ubud, July 2016
* Alessandro Bosetti – Laida and Mikel looking for rhymes (Basque, Laida Juanikorena Agirre, Mikel Azcona) [Zwölfzungen, 2010]
* Doris Prechel – Ammi-ditāna’s hymn to Ištar
* Lena Platonos – Witches [Gallop, 1985]
* Field recording of Gamelan orchestra at Barong Festival, Pura Taman Ayun, Bali, July 2016
* Skit from Pola X
* Clip from “Abraham Hicks – Efficient Ways to Focus at YouTube”
* Gerard Grisey – Vortex Temporum for 6 instruments (E. Recherche) (1994-96) – I. (to G. Zinsstag)
* Gerard Grisey – Les chants de l’amour for 12 voices and tape (1982-84) – I.
* Mitski – My Body’s Made of Crushed Little Stars [Puberty 2, 2016]

Programa de radio en lengua inglesa realizado por Eylül Fidan y emitido en TVtron el 18 de octubre de 2016.

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