Documentary of the work’s processes – La gaseosa de ácido eléctrico

Vídeo by Lara Cano.


La gaseosa de ácido eléctrico (The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test) is an experimental performance project that develops horizontal work tools and investigates collective intelligence methods. It is carried out by a group of women about the age of 60, from  different ethnic and social backgrounds. The plot is based on the occupation of a financial club and its conversion into a social dining area, given the precarious nature of the crisis of the capitalist system in Spain.

The project has developed its own strategic approach to experimental performance arts and popular culture, which has nourished the work with body and space, text and narration, accents and mother tongues, playwriting and meta-fiction, soundscapes and stage design. This has allowed us to explore different contemporary artistic disciplines and make a call to thinking as action.

The work process has been structured into four workshops that made it possible to investigate numerous aspects of stage development: Writing and acting workshops; Soundscape design workshop; and Stage design workshop. The piece combines three spaces: the dining hall, the kitchen and the ‘metafiction’. We have develop an exciting, complex and rather sophisticated work, however the process is undoubtedly fascinating.

Author and director of the project: Javier Montero.

Project’s blogs: Intermediae and Teatron.

Luxury, beauty & perversion

This creative course deal with the construction of the slippery concept of luxury. It develops an specific genealogy, through different historical and artistic periods, as working framework. The participants have to develop a creative project, which deals with their own ideas about this concept and experiment with formants and cultural registers.