inspiratoire/aspiratoire, a performance on breathing with vacuum cleaners :


Acerca de Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias

Beside his studies in linguistics, Jean-Baptiste practiced dance at the University and discovered production management at the Centre chorégraphique national de Tours / artistic director Daniel Larrieu. Thereafter he worked as production manager for several dance companies and continued his dancing. In 2005 he became one of the first students of the new ‘Essais’ programme at the CNDC in Angers / artistic director Emmanuelle Huynh, where he was invited to develop his own ideas on movement and staging. Here he was an interpreter and author in several projects, such as My Country Music by the American choreographer Deborah Hay, of which he did a solo adaptation : acclimatation. He also created a solo piece which was the starting point of his personal research, and then produced chambre son, a choreographic and vocal piece for an a capella choir. Moreover he was invited there to give some workshops on singing to the students of the two-year training programme for professional dancers. After a twenty year training in singing, he has been indeed, since 2000, a member of the vocal ensemble Les Djinns where he is both a singer and choir leader. In 2003, he was part of the vocal ensemble conducted by Pierre Calmelet which won the silver medal at the national competition of the Florilège Vocal de Tours International Choral Competition (France). After finishing his formation in Angers in 2006, he created the association la dépose to produce his own work. In 2007 he directed the choreography for a short film, Vodka Cola, made by FEMIS student Jonathan Desoindre, and initiated a research on breathing using vacuum cleaners, inspiratoire/aspiratoire, that was presented in France and Portugal. Since August 2007 he has been participating in many events organized by the network Sweet & Tender collaborations. Thus he was an active member with this group of the two resettings of SKITe at Performing arts forum (France) in 2007, and Porto (Portugal) in 2008. In 2009 he co-conceived and co-organized the presentations, at Théâtre de la Cité Internationale in Paris, of some works that were made during the Porto meeting/residency. In the framework of this network he was also invited by Tommy Noonan for a residency at Stadttheater in Freiburg (Germany). This project called Tout court gathered eight authors to make a collective piece from each author's peculiar proposition. At the summer 2009 he went to « Prisma », a worldwide event organized in Mexico where he attended many workshops, presented Tout court in three different cities throughout the country, and directed a project for the children choir Nicaoax in Oaxaca, that was presented at Teatro Macedonio Alcalá. He selectively participated as a performer in works such as Robyn Orlin's Daddy, I've seen this piece… in 2001, Superamas's Digging up in 2002. He was an interpreter in pieces by Laure Bonicel, Roser Montlló Guberna and Brigitte Seth, and Daniel Larrieu. He also assisted Daniel Larrieu on a performed conference, La danse, j'aimerais bien mais…
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