Otra convocatoria de danza, èsta en Viena.

CALL for showings, try-outs, works in progress, previews
in th
e open space KiosK 59 festival tanztheaterperformance
april thursday 8
th to saturday 10th, WUK Vienna
(without registration)

and in the framework of FieldDay by Michael O’Connor (USA)
friday april 9th, 13 until 16 o`clock, left museumroom WUK Vienna
(with registration)

open space
KiosK 59, april 8-10
Best artists, actionists, performer, dancer, actors, …
everybody is asked, required and invited to squat the open space KiosK 59
. From april 8
th until 10th the left museumroom, the court and the camp in the big hall in WUK Vienna are at your disposal for any kind of showing, work in progress, try-out, preview, etc. as a proposition, statement or just a snapshot.

Application and announcement directly on the spot and at infopoint in the foyer. Further information www.wuk.at/kiosk59
KiosK 59 is and offers open space to present, try out and preview with the option of discourse afterwards. First come, first present/try/dance/perform/act. There is no selection procedure. The squat of the open space requires self organization. No technical support available.

FieldDay by Michael O’Connor (USA), Friday April 9th, 13 to 16 o’clock
Searching 6 artists to participate in the first FieldDay in Vienna. Fieldday is open to dance and theatre artists, musicians, and visual artists to practice the Fieldwork method. Fieldwork is a process in which the artists meet to show their work and receive feedback from the other participants and practice giving articulate feedback to the others. The structure of Fieldwork has two main elements:
1. the work shown, is done so without any explanation and
2. the feedback given is non directorial and non suggestive.
Fieldday is open for the public to watch the participants work.
To register write an e-mail with the subject Fieldday to kiosk59@wuk.at
Fee: 10euro. Works must be under 10 minutes.

FieldDay is a non-curated performance opportunity for artists at all levels to showcase their work at any stage of development and receive feedback from other artists using the Fieldwork method. The Fieldwork structure reveals how each piece is perceived by others and helps guide artists in a practice of speaking about work in a non suggestively. FieldDay is open to the public to watch the showings and process of the participants.
Participation limited to 6 artists on a first come basis.

KiosK 59 festival dancetheatreperformance
Installations, Workshops, Discussions, Live Music, DJing

April 8–10, 2010, at the WUK and on Währinger Straße Vienna
Thursday 19:00 opening Friday 14:00 till far into the night Saturday 11:00 until sunrise
Entrance: pay as you can


KiosK 59 opens from April 8th to 10th on the Währinger Straße. The action takes place in 15 spaces of WUK, on the open street and in the immediate vicinity of the Volksoper. A temporary camp serves as agora. 26 dance performances, installations, workshops and panel discussions are on the programme. Diversity is the order of the day.

To talk about sustainable strategies, theatre, dance and art while being conscious of the army of gaping scissors of wealth, religions, genders, generations, east and west, north and south. To take the floor, define viewpoints, develop convictions, start the speech, represent opinions. Dancing as long as you can and then throwing yourself in the corner completely exhausted. Breaking down borders. Get to it, get through it, be part of it!

The chance lies in diversity, the principle in disorder. Show me your ass.

The uncomfortable, the ugly, the surprising, the ambivalent, the insolent are needed to bring forth the beautiful. It needs the explosive that ignites opinions, triggers controversies, flares tempers.

KiosK 59 is open space and show of ttp’s work. Borne from maximum independence, artistic freedom and self-determination, works will be presented which contradict the familiar forms of categorisation and refuse the “one concept” in their versatility and diversity. Unusual aesthetics, bizarre practices of movement and uncomfortable questions are the objectives.

In a world ruled by the money market, a world under the regime of irresponsible risk-taking in the application of and the dealing with debt capital, rising unemployment and increasing dependency of the political on economic powers, the employees of faceless stockholders, the need is growing for free-thinking and self-determination.

KiosK 59 is presentation, intervention, laboratory, a hub of networks and a platform of reflection, discussion, and it is the starting point with an intention to rule the roost, to be in charge, to bear the blame.

A ttp project with
Christian Apschner, Gina Battistich und Joachim Kapuy, Waltraud Brauner, Markus Bruckner (nadu), Carpa Theater, Tomas Danielis, Franziska Adensamer, Milka Djordjevich, Eject, Frankllyspeaking, F.R.O.H., Thomas Kasebacher, Anita Kaya, Judit Kéri, Ensemble muth., Regina Picker und Helene Salomon, Liebgard Pramhas, redpark, Dietlinde Resch, Felipe Salazar, SOMEX GROUP, (sonnenschein), Oleg Soulimenko, Doris Stelzer, Johanna Tatzgern und Veronika Siemer, TdU-Wien, Martin Tomann, Brigitte Wilfing and others
In cooperation with WUK, Im_flieger, University of Vienna, FH Wien University of Applied Sciences, VIEW, WienKultur, Toihaus Theater, Radio Orange. Kindly supported by Top-Kino Cinema and Schikaneder Cinema, ImpulsTanz Vienna. Thanks to Tanzquartier Vienna.

KiosK 59
April 8–10, 2010

Thursday 19:00
Friday 14:00 till far into the night
Saturday 11:00 until sunrise

Entrance: pay as you can

WUK and Währinger Straße 59
1090 Vienna

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