Review of «Placeres extraños repito placeres extraños»

“Placeres extraños repito Placeres extraños” proposes an overlaying of continuous movement and perpetual speech.

In this work, a solo, the author deals with the matter of the “I”/“you” relation and the condition of a lonely body in that context.

Acerina Amador’s choreographic piece offers to explore a certain image of the woman she represents in the fictional space of the stage. The speech, supposedly intimate is given to an universal “you” where emotional need (submission?) and desire is the core of the message. Dressed in a dress, wearing hi-heels shoes, Amador gives herself  an apparently casual feminine image that is radically subverted when she inverts her physical position to a literal upside-down which gives the audience to discover her shaved sex surrounded by words written all over her skin. This subversion of the stereotypical women reaches again the mainstream by he appearance of a song of Shakira as conclusion of the work.

Physically, Amador’s works can be seen as a path: from the ground to the ground… passing by movements of balance and inverted postures where the rising and the fall of a woman reveals her identity through obsessive rocking and shameless positions. The high consciousness of peripheral elements such as costume and soundtrack provides some elementary and efficient inputs to the body/speech core of the piece.

Acerina Amador brings her personal and constant problematic from the roots of her intimacy to the nearly political field. Amador’s worrying reaches occidental urban women’s context while conditioning her physical state and emotive presentation on stage.

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Yann Gibert

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