International Festival of Performing Art and Transdisciplinary Interventions


MAKING SPACE for an Urban and a Human requalification
III edition

CALL 2013
Program/residency/production support

Deadline 20th of May 2013
Online application form at

30th of June -7th of July 2013


Every festival allows for an exceptional intensification of moments of meeting, dialogue and exchange. Depending on the mission of the festival, on the people and on the works involved, festivals can be an opportunity to develop unprecedented synergies, hybrid practices rising from newly invented crossroads and for the dialogue of intentions and actions

ALTOFEST aims to create the premises and the conditions for new unpredictable as well as necessary inserts. For this purpose ALTOFEST goes to the core of the most intimate urban texture managing to create an authentic exchange between the citizenry and artists, going beyond the boundaries that usually bind us in dated categories which can be overcome solely by a new system of creating relationships, a system that perhaps has not yet found its way.

The festival is an important occasion for all the people involved to meet, exchange and interrogate together on the meaning, the direction and the political and poetic needs of their artistic practice, especially in the peculiar historical period we are living in, when the word “crisis” is universal.

On its third edition, ALTO FEST is held in the private spaces donated for the occasion by citizens (apartments, terraces, courtyards, cellars, shops, artisans’ workshops, gyms…). All these spaces will be ready to welcome a fresh thought, a new awareness and the intentions to transform our daily doing by making space for change. We wish to urge the need to MAKE SPACE all together, artists, citizens and audience, for a new urban/human requalification.


The festival invites professional performers, researchers, art and thought practitioners. Individuals as well as groups.


The spaces of the festival are private and are donated by citizens either on invite of the festival staff or spontaneously. Locations are of various kinds, of different size, indoor or outdoor.

Selected artists, will have to produce original performances or site-specific works, or present previously created works that will have to be adapted in close relationship with the venues where they will be presented. For this purpose, every artist will have access to an online archive including photos, site plans, and limits of intervention for each venue, interviews to the owners of the space and all the information concerning the locations of the festival.

Works will have to be “bare”, meaning that they should not require the technical support typical of theatres or exhibits. Artists will have to work with the technical elements available onsite, indeed ordinary performance light and sound design is not contemplated. If necessary and with a mutual respect of the work and of the venues, the space can be adapted with specific technical devices, that shall nonetheless be totally in charge of the artist, who will have to get the permission to use them, by the festival management and by the owner of the space.

Considering the private nature of venues, the number of spectators will be rather limited. For this reason, works will be performed more than once throughout the festival.

The festival will provide an invitation letter to all those artists, whether international or national, who will seek travel funding from cultural institutions of their countries or from other organizations.

Selected artists will be offered free accommodation, and they will be hosted by the members of the ACCOMMODATION NETWORK, made of citizens, friends and supporters. For the very nature of the accommodation provided, it is not guaranteed that groups of artists will be staying in the same house, and the level of comfort may vary from one accommodation to the other.


All selected artists will have the opportunity to be selected for the creation residency of 20 days, for the production of an APPARTMENTWORK that will be performed in 2014 during the IV edition of ALTO FEST 2014. The artist who will be selected for the residency, will receive a production support of 500 Euro, all the earnings from the performance, accommodation, and technical support.

To assign the residency, the Festival will put together a critic’s panel, made of a scholar and researcher of history of theatre, a critic, a curator, a space donor and a member of TeatrInGestAzione.


Work proposals have to be submitted using exclusively the application form available at

Work proposals will have to include a video excerpt of the work of at least 3 minutes, filmed in either a domestic space, a garden or a terrace

Photo and video material will have to be uploaded on one of the online sharing platforms such as (YouTube, flickr, pinterest, tumblr, etc.), and the link shall be included in the specific field of the application form.
Please consider only what is explicitly included in this call.
+39 3282786689

We look forward to seeing you at ALTO FEST 2013!

Alto Fest is a project by TEATRINGESTAZIONE

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