Womb for rent, barriga de alquiler, barriga de aluguer

About Ai

Assistant Professor of Visual Arts at the College of Education, Polytechnic Institution of Coimbra and transdisciplinary Artist with works of a wide creative versatility ranging from photography, theater production (set design, figurines and graphics), performance, installation, etc. My work has a social and political commitment context through a critical and ironic dialogue. It is based on an active participation, a continuous process of learning, research and of transdisciplinary creation both collective and individual. My work reflects around geographical and cultural borders, limitations, barriers, behavior, etc. Questioning the limits of the body –as a border- social prejudice and the difficulties that it entails in human relationships. I'm currently working around the figure of the woman artist, heroin and migrant in transit, social violence and the constant struggle to survive in a hostile environment. On how the female image becamed powerful within the erotic and the market as a reflection on how cultural identities are constructed through certain popular stereotypes.
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