Wintergarten. Tatwerk 2/12/2012. Berlin.

Site specific sound performance
Pelayo F. Arrizabalaga, Rinus van Alebeek & Nilo Gallego.

Sunday 2. December 2012  |  21h

Hasenheide 9, 10967 Berlin
Gewerbehof – Aufgang 1, 3. OG

Winter garden, the moon thinned to a thread, insects singing.
(Matsuo Basho)

Pelayo Arrizabalaga: Turntables Pickups, Tone Generator, Cracklebox, Stylophone, Vacuum Cleaner.
Rinus van Alebeek: tape recorders, pre-recorded environmental sounds.
Nilo Gallego: Percusion and electronics.

Pelayo F. Arrizabalaga (Laredo -Spain-, 1949) Studies Fine Arts in Madrid in his youth with several exhibitions and prizes. In the late seventies he starts playing sax and clarinet in various Madrid’s Free Jazz formations, such as Orgon (first prize of the Jury at the San Sebastian Jazz Festival, 1981) or José Antonio Galicia Flamenco Jazz.
In 1985 he founds with Markus Breuss, the group Clónicos, one of the most important Spaniard experimental rock groups of the 80’s, with whom he records 4 CDs, tours through Spain and Europe (Moers New Jazz Festival, 1991), and receives a prize in Electronic Music (Roland-Rock de Lux). In 1993, he records «Galvana» with Victor Nubla and Jep Nuix. He has collaborated with musicians such as Malcolm Goldstein, Llorenç Barber, J.A.Galicia, Markus Breuss, Sergi Jordá, Cristina Casanova and many other Spaniard artists.
Since 1993, he lives in Switzerland, where he studies and is guest composer at the electronic music Studio of the Bassel Conservatoire, directed by Thomas Kessler, and frequently performs within the improvised music scene (Wim Zug, Luzern, Zürich).

Rinus van Alebeek (1956, Heerlen, The Netherlands) is a writer who uses his (environmental) recordings on tape to narrate a story. During the nineties he published two books (pseud. Philip Markus) in his native country.  The first novel (De Weg naar Oude God) won the prestigious Geert Jan Lubberhuizen Prijs, a yearly award for the best first novel. An accidental encounter with electronic and avant garde music in the year 2000 at the Lem festival in Barcelona, and an introduction to the cassette culture gave way to his further artistic development.
In the first decade of this century van Alebeek made a thorough research on how to make or manipulate recordings. Thanks to a great number of concerts, sometimes an average of ten in a month, he developed an approach of which people say it is ‘ between noise and pure poetry.’
“Rinus Van Alebeek is a peculiar observer of reality and an artist who instinctively transforms lo-fi tape recordings into evocative sound poems, being able to create a “détachement” towards the used media, which is a characteristic of the most original artists”. Luis Costa, president of Binaural and Associação Cultural de Nodar.

Nilo Gallego (1970, Ponferrada, Spain) is a musician and performer. He plays drums and electronics. His proposals, which have a playful side to them, take the idea of experimenting with sound as their starting  point and seek participation from the audience. He has performed in all kinds of spaces, such as «Pigmeus do Mondego» (sound action at the Mondego river), «Amanecer desde Montolivet» and «Fuera de la fábrica Beta» (site-especific), «Felipe vuelve a casa con las ovejas sonando» (sheep concert with shepherd Felipe Quintana), «Canción de éxito mundial» (participatory sound action), «Te invito a un chino» (experimental performance with kanito and Oscar de Paz), «Concierto de megáfonos y sirenas» and «Concierto aspirador» (with Pablo Rega), «Homenaje Cage» (with Markus Breuss), etc. Group projects include «Yavestruz comoandamios parecementerio» (experimental music and action in public spaces), and «Taller espontáneo de pequeñas nadas» (street actions), the collective «Fora do tempo» (field actions) and musical performance groups  «Ciegas con Pistola», «Siempre por Detroit» and «Blinden mit Pistolen».


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