Quim Pujol (Barcelona, 1978) is a writer, artist and curator. His most recent works are «ASMR of the Future» (2015), “Fregoli» (2016), «Green Chroma» (2018) and «De la ceca a la Meca» (2019) . He has participated in the exhibitions «Interval. Sound Actions» (Fundació Antoni Tàpies), «Visceral Blue» (La Capella) and «entre hacia hasta para por según sin» (EACC). He has published articles in publications such as “Rethinking dramaturgy», «Efímera» and “Maska”, among others. With Ixiar Rozas, he co-edited the collection of essays on affect theory “Ejercicios de ocupación” (Ediciones Polígrafa, 2015). He was curator of experimental performing arts at the Mercat de les Flors from 2011 to 2015 and teaches seminars in Spain and internationally.