CPAU Get ready! en el Kaai Theater de Bruselas

Por si alguien está en Bruselas esos días, el 19 y el 20 de marzo actuamos con DD Dorvillier en el Kaai de Bruselas… ¡Estáis invitados!

The body as a bridge

The New York choreographer DD Dorvillier (Puerto Rico, 1967) was in Belgium last season to perform the fantastic parades & changes, replays, a ‘re-enactment’ of Anna Halprin’s 1965 Parades & Changes, and in February she presented Anarchiv #2 with deufert +plischke. Dorvillier has worked with Jennifer Lacey, Jan Ritsema, Pavol Liska (Nature Theatre of Oklahoma) and others. The recurring themes in her work are language, perception and representation and their imperfections. ‘The body is the perfect bridge in these impossible gaps. Thinking is the fluid that lubricates the bridge.’

Choreography, a Prologue for the Apocalypse of Understanding, Get Ready! is a triptych in which Dorvillier looks at the way we try to communicate and understand each other. In part 1 she indicates that she wants to distance herself from words in favour of body language. In part 2 she shares the stage with Joaquim Pujol, who first translates her words and actions and finally converts her short and comical dance steps into dances of his own. In the last part, movement and music (by the cult composer Zeena Parkins) take over and DD Dorvillier, Heather Kravas, Amanda Piña and Elizabeth Ward charmingly and also humorously stage the deconstruction of our perception.

DD Dorviller appeared here last season with the fantastic parades & changes, replays, a re-enactment of Anna Halprin’s 1965 Parades & Changes. In February she performed an adaptation of deufert+plischke’s Anarchiv #2 in the Re:Move festival.

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  1. aimar dijo:

    oyes, pues después te puedes subir a amsterdam, que estrenamos nosotros el 24 y 25 de marzo!

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