En Primeres Connexions…

Primeres Connexions… is the first project of MUTIS. It is an experiment and it consists on creating a body dialogue, without words, between a dancer living in London and another living in Barcelona. The language of communication will be the movement. This communication will be through video conference. The participants do not know each other neither they know what they are going to do. The only thing they know is they will communicate through videoconference to a dancer from the other city. They know also that the answers have to be answered through movement.

The event will be divided by: introduction of the participants, interview-discussion in movement, final thought and bringing together verbal. The approximate duration is estimated to be an hour and a half to two hours.

The event will be happening the 24th of July of 2012. The space in London will be Trangallan and it will start at 8pm. The space in Barcelona will be La Nau Ivanow and it wil start at 9pm.

This Project is developed with the minimum economical resources because it doesn’t have any external funding. Behind this project is a huge amount of work of a volunteer’s team who had shared experiences and knowledge and without whom it wouldn’t have happened.

Don’t hesitate to contact for any question or suggestion you may have and we’ll be waiting for you at Primeres Connexions…

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