De Corpo en Lugar


From body to place | live art in the museum

25-27 de setembro | 2-3 de outubro de 2014

CGAC, Santiago de Compostela

Curator. Begoña Cuquejo e Ania González

From Body to Place, created by the Austrianperformer, Amanda Piña and thinging bodies, by the Chilean artist, Ayşe Orhon, make up an international program of live art that takes place in museums and revolves around the performance proposals of the Ministry of Movement Affairs (BMfB).

For the purpose of strengthening the continuity between modern dance and action art, this event offers a structured program divided into three fields of activities. Through performances, art workshops and presentations by researchers, participants in the program will gain insight into the relationship between movement, body, the production of public space and implementation processes.

The idea is to create the potential—essential for the favourable reception of live art in a museum environment—, for implementing a plan that will be developed and expanded in terms of education, performance and reflection. This plan will not only respond to the notion of making performanceartwork more visible, but it will also create a context to facilitate relationships, thought, research and discourse through the practice of these arts.

The program consists of two cycles of activities focussing on themes related to parainstitutionalism and movement, on the one hand, and body and potential, on the other.



This program deals with parainstitutional practices and body movement in public spaces as implementation processes.

By implementation processes we are referring to processes that spill over into extra-disciplinary areas and form a self-organising system able to transform pre-established institutionalism. In this regard, the first program involves the study and experimentation of the movement of the body in public spaces and the experiences that may arise out of this movement in order to promote implementation processes in a local context.

In the scope of this program, Austria’s Ministry of Movement Affairs (BMfB) it promotes the creation of new institutional forms with legal recognition. The performer Amanda Piña will also teach a workshop entitledThe Political Body / Choreography in the Realm of Corporal Disobedience.

The Galician Institute of Current Practice (IGAPA), the counterpart of the BMfB in Galicia, will be set up to promote a community of professionals and citizens revolving around new ways of execution in the field of arts and social affairs.

A conference entitledProcesos instituyentes en la praxis artística (Implementation processes in current artistic practice) will be held at the same time, given by Ania González, cultural critic, and Horacio González, sound artist and programmer.



The second program offers a reflection on the body and its potential. To paraphrase the famous comment by the philosopher B. Spinoza on what a body can do, in ‘From Body to Place,’ we wondered, how much and how many bodies can—a fundamental question underlying the meaning of dance, art, body and collectivity.

Here, the Turkish artist and choreographer Ayşe Orhon will present, for the first time in Galicia, her performance thinging bodies; a study of the autonomous processes in choreography, the many different presences created in a subject and the possible ways to create non-subjective contexts and situations dealing with relationships.

The performancewill be accompanied by a workshop given by Ayşe Orhon targetting students and professionals in the world of art or any person interested in the topic.

The second program also includes a talk by Victoria Pérez Royo professor of aesthetics and art theory from the Philosophy Department of the University of Zaragoza. She will analyse how the different strategies involved in the implication of the individual body and the body as a group determine the processes of collective negotiation.