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Paola Tognazzi

Circuito artes escénicas de La Noche en Blanco 2010


A hybrid between workshop and interactive installation, which constructs a live concert with direct audience participation using the interactive tool Wearable_SuperNow, bracelets with sensors that capture the user’s movement and translate them into sound.

The sound is modulated (in time and volume) according to the physical quality of the movements. This experience allows for practices that make profound, elaborate and “occult” possibilities emerge from the body, starting with direct and immediate results that encourage the user to play with the instrument/body.

There is lots of talk about how we can reinvent the body, about what it is capable of doing. Instead of this, we wonder how we can re-perceive and listen to the body as a body, using technologies that simulate the expressive qualities generated by movements and conditions like will, effort and desire.

The sensorial experience of having a superpower, making our bodies talk, activates a process in which users learn to listen to their own bodies and engage in dialogue with them. The way this technology is used and the stories it reveals construct a secret world in which the audience can move about.

The audience will be asked: if your body could speak, what would it say? The answers are directly recorded in the system, each moving a sensor which will create a dialogue and a private landscape that speaks from inside us.

Author: Paola Tognazzi
Programming: Enrique Esteban Garcia
Music: Pablo Castillagracias a Carla Capeto.
Contributors: Medialab-Prado, Steim, Liem Reina Sofia, Milano in Digitale, Fondazione D’Ars, Camon Alicante, Instituto Cervantes Beijing, Teatro Pradillo Madrid, Plataforma HelloWorld!

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Porque tenemos solo un corazon? from paola tognazzi on Vimeo.

It's a project research, where we build a performance live, with the collaboration of the audience and using Wearable_SuperNow, an interactive instrument that captures the movements of the body and translate them in sound. Makes the body speak.
Concept, direction and video by Paola Tognazzi.
With the collaboration of: Carla Capeto, Pablo Castilla, Enrique Esteban, Roberta Asaro, Chris Sugrue, Carlos Rupérez y el público del Teatro Pradillo de Madrid.

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Wearable_SuperNow from paola tognazzi on Vimeo.

Wearable_SuperNow is an interactive installation by Paola Tognazzi, co produced by Wearable_Dynamics and Milano in Digitale, Fondazione D'Ars. Programming by Enrique Esteban Garcia (Monsters Electronic).

Movement capure sensors attached to the body, allow the wearer to modulate the tempo and the volume of the audio files with the quality of his/her movements. In the library he/she can choose audio files, effects and calibration levels.

The text recordings were made with: Izaskum Escandon, Chris Sugrue, Carla Capeto, Jodi Gilbert, Albert Van Veenendaal.

Thanks to Leo Soto y Raul Gonzales.


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