Call for Kissers. Video-Shooting in Amsterdam

Dear Amsterdam people,

Would you have 10 free minutes ,anytime from 12h till 20h, next Friday or Saturday, to give a kiss?

As part of my next project «Three ways to master a kiss» I am recording a video where a woman is kissed by 100 people.

I am looking for women, men, children, babies from diferentes ages. Anyone willing to give ONE KISS to a very nice lady.

The idea is simple: you will be kissing a strange woman in front of camera.

Who? Everyone can join, children, grown-ups, teenagers… male or female.
When? 10 minutes work on Friday 5th of February betwen 12am-8pm or Saturday 6th February betwen 12am-8pm.
Where? zaal 100, De Wittenstraat 100, Amsterdam (very close to Westerpark-Naussauplein)

I would be VERY grateful if you could participate (I need a lot of kisses).
I wait for your reactions (and time availability)


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