Trudge #6 /Notas sobre el proyecto

Estamos a una semana de la premiere.

Aquí algunas notas sobre el proyecto. Escrito de manera colaborativa entre Alice y Quim.

  • Trudge is a contextual piece that had use sources on decadency, catastrophy and landscapes, the potentiality of our future and the lack of prescedent in order to elevate them and search for a poetic imaginary.
  • In the piece bodies and objects are non-communicative with each other and casually waiting for SOMETHING. The objects and bodies are in a state of light/subtle tension that navigates through images of visibility and disappearance. This exposure on/in silence allows them to visualize the potentiality of their chooices which put on stake the commited body in a performative set up.
  • The dramaturgy of this piece is based on the collaboration between Quim Bigas and Alice Pons. The artists foundt helpfull to used notions of science fiction, paintings and photography, the forgotten architecture, the different phases of a storm, the concept of time and the dystopian idea presented on literature and cinema.
  • Decadency is presentes through an absency of commitement towards time that presents or allow us to percieve a low and hopeless body that can dissapear inside a context.


Foto tomada un día de sol en las calles de Amsterdam por Quim. 29 de Mayo 2012.

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  1. sofia dijo:

    Qué ganas de ver como se ha desarrollado.
    Suerte a los dos!

  2. quimbigas dijo:

    Te debemos un e-mail

    Muchas gracias!
    Te mandamos un beso.

  3. semolinika dijo:

    seurte quim,, que vaya todo muy bien.. besos,,semo

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