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Cada mes un invitado nos presenta una selección de seis videos publicados en internet, relacionados con alguna temática que le interese, un género concreto, una visión personal o alguna obsesión. Te animamos a que le des un vistazo a nuestro archivo.

Mar. 2009

Here you have a small selection of videos from Youtube where people share their knowledge and ways of doing things. In Conservas there is a whole selection of ?How-To? videos available that can be projected on the screen for you to practice what they propose. This zone exists to give visibility to a phenomena that has been spreading all around lately, and that seems significant of a shift that touches all domains of activity at once, ranging from the human sciences to the so-called exact sciences, across the arts and the enterprise/marketing worlds: the ?way? (the ?how?) of doing something becomes more important than ?what? is done.

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