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Dec. 2012
Jorge Dutor

The End of the World is nigh. Or rather, the World is rushing into The End, day by day, and there's no stopping it, my friends. According to the Mayan Calendar, 21 December 2012 will be the fateful day. And those of us who can’t wait for it to happen, for something to happen, something important, something substantially massive, couldn't care less if absolutely everything comes tumbling down as long as we can celebrate from the very first shuddering of the foundations.

So, given its imminence, I’d just like to say that it’s too late to stop the momentum and we’ve still got a few days left to shine at such a humungous event: the biggest event since the creation of the world will be its End! I'd say there's only one thing that is still worth worrying about:

What will you war to the End of the World?

Tierras de Egipto, Chico y Chica

I’m a big fan of the Egyptian Lands, ochres, shades of orange, natural, mineral pigments. Blue Kohl eyeliner wouldn’t be a bad bet. Just make sure to match it with a nice tan and a deep voice. Inés Sastre, basically.

We Dont Need Another Hero, Tina Turner

While we’re on the subject of fashion, which is all about the future, getting in first with the post-apocalypse look isn't a bad idea at this extreme event. Remember Mad Max? Heavy on the layering and survival, without ever forgetting the super-thigh.

Africa, Raffaella Carrá

Going a little bit further, we move towards a slightly more pop, twisted take on it all, which is ultimately a lovely look back at Europe's colonial adventures. We don’t know where the End of the World will catch us, or what mutations it will result in.

Pound the Alarm, Nicki Minaj

Some of my contemporary girlfriends are totally into decline and twilight, mixing the bleakest chavism with traditional roots and marvellous folklore, as well as championing the origins of things: see for yourselves.

Montaña Sagrada, Jodorowski

By now it’s probably the week before the End of the World and there’s only a few days left to go. There’s no need to go to work, and even if we’ve discovered that the wonderful thing about the End of the World is that it’s just before Christmas, and we’re crazy and cool enough celebrate it, but there's a childish torture-loving side to us that makes us miss those traditional gatherings a wee bit. Here is a mix – quite camp, why the hell not? and certainly very inspiring.

Prince Rama, 15minExorcise//Exercise

Have we mentioned celebrating yet? A mega party please! if possible, coinciding with the trumpets of the Apocalypse, like the chimes at New Year’s Eve, but The Final Year’s Eve. So given the superstitious, almost sect-like thing that goes along with New Year’s Eve, and specially as it's The Final Year’s Eve and the End of the World, I recommend this little warm-up that will open up the channels that will allow us to live through this difficult time as fabulously as possible.

PD. Toro, El Columpio Asesino.

If it turns out that the end of the world was a fraud, and even if we’ve had a fab time celebrating our death, maybe you still want more. For the trip home with an infinite hangover, I suggest sinister looks, sunnies, old cars, vampirism and a relaxing herbal infusion.